1. Unquiet Grave

From the recording Wildfire

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Unquiet Grave

The wind does blow today my love
A few small drops of rain
Never have I had but one true love
And in cold cold clay she is lain

For twelve months and a day
I lay lost on her grave
Then a voice called to me from the deep

Who sits day and night all alone on my grave
Whose tears pull me out of my sleep?


One long year and one final day
Your tears fed the flowers on my grave
Many years from now you’ll lie here again
So live a life of love and be free

Tis I tis I your one truest love
I lie here alone upon your grave
For I crave a final kiss
From your ruby red lips
That my tender young heart might be saved

You ask for one kiss from my clay cold lips
To soothe all your longing and hurt
But a single kiss from my clay cold lips
And you’d join me down here in the dirt

See down below in the garden so green
There beneath the young willows we’d walk
The most beautiful flower we admired in our time
Is now withered right down to the stalk

Oh the flower is withered and dead my love
And so will our two hearts decay
So free yourself now from the grave my love
Till death comes to call you away